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Your mission in BattleDudes.io

Be ready for a thrilling shooting battle in BattleDudes.io. Equip yourself with strong guns and shoot down members of the opposite team until the time is over.

If you are keen on multiplayer shooting games such as Repuls.io, SandStrike.io, and Warbrokers.io, you should not ignore this game. In this game, you will enter a breathtaking shootout between two teams. You will become a member of one of these teams. Your task is to enter different rooms or go around the halls to find enemies. As soon as you notice any opponent, be quick to use your gun to shoot down this rival. Besides, there are many vehicles such as jeeps and tanks scattered around the map. You can get into them and drive them to go faster. Note that you can control the tanks to shoot at enemies. Meanwhile, if you drive a jeep, you need to shoot out of the window at rivals.

How to control

Press the WASD keys to move.

Press an E key to enter the car.

Press an R key to reload the ammo.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press the 1-2-3-4-5 keys to change the weapons.

The shop in BattleDudes.io

In the shop, you can buy many items such as gems, chests, hats, melees, and emotes. You can use real money to exchange with valuable gems. Then, use these gems or coins to buy treasure chests. There are 4 kinds of treasure chests including common chests, rare chests, epic chests, and legendary chests. The rare the chest is, the more valuable items it contains. In addition, you can use your gems and coins to purchase beautiful hats. There are a total of 210 hats with different designs and prices in the shop. Let's purchase your favorite hat. Besides treasure chests and hats, melee weapons are necessary items that you should buy before entering the fight. You can buy knives, gloves, swords, axes, hammers, saws, and so on. Finally, if you want to show your emotion while chatting with other players, let's buy funny emotes in the shop. There are 130 emotes that you can select.