Bed Wars

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About Bed Wars

Bed Wars is an interesting multiplayer game that requires you to protect your bed. Take caution with other players and destroy their beds if you can.

The gameplay

In this game, you will join a battle with many players from all over the world. Unlike other battles, the objective of this battle is to protect beds. Each person in the battle will have a bed. This bed represents the life of this player. Therefore, you need to protect your bed at all costs. If any opponent wants to destroy your bed, do not hesitate to take down him. Besides, if you want to win this battle, you need to attack other rivals. Note that the rivals can respawn if their beds are still safe. Therefore, you had better destroy their beds after killing them. The final survivor whose bed is still safe will become the winner.

How to control

Press an E key to open the inventory.

Press an F key to interact with objects.

Click the left mouse button to attack, use, and place items and blocks.

Click the right mouse button to buy items in the shop.

Press a Q to drop held items or blocks.

Press an R key for an active backpack's ability.

Press the CTRL key to activate the camera.

Press a Z or V key to use a kit ability.

Reasons you should try playing Bed Wars

Many maps

Like Stumble Guys, this game also has many game maps. Each game mode has different game maps. For example, in the Doubles and Solos modes, there are 31 maps. They are Windfall, Western, Themepark, Swamp, Suburbs, Shrine, Sandstorm, Sand Temple, Sanctum, Ruins, Reef, Pond, Plaza, and so on. In the 16v16 mode, you need to fight against other players on 4 maps which are Aztec, Castle, Campsite, and Ships Ahoy. You can choose one of these game maps at the start of the game.

Battle Pass

You should join seasons of Battle Pass to earn many rewards such as emotes, kill effects, lobby gadgets, kit skins, and kits. In each season, you need to complete different missions to earn as many experience points as possible to reach higher levels. Keep in mind that each season lasts 8 weeks.

Bed Wars Online

Bed Wars Online is a multiplayer game that is available on the web browser. Join the competition in which you need to protect your bed and destroy your rivals' beds. In this online version, you are offered many weapons. They are swords, headhunters, rage blades, flamethrowers, magic wands, infernal sabers, hammers, and arrows and bows. You need to use the coins you earn to buy the most suitable weapon. Then, use it to take down all opponents in the battle of protecting the beds. Do your best to survive until the battle ends.