Slope Run

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Traverse an endless tunnel in Slope Run

Get ready for an endless and interesting adventure in the space tunnel in Slope Run. Evading obstacles and gathering coins are your missions during the trip.

This game follows the ball which is actually an astronaut. Because of losing its memories after having an accident, the ball has to set out on new adventures to restore its memories. Like Run 3, this game also requires you to guide the ball to roll in an endless space tunnel. This tunnel is full of hazards such as crumbling tiles and leaps. If you are uncareful, you can fall off the tunnel and the game is over. Therefore, you should try to move left or right or jump as high as possible while running in this tunnel.

The tunnel connects different planets in the universe with each other. If you can go from one planet to another one safely, your level will increase. However, if you play an Infinite Mode, your score will increase instead of the level.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump.

The latest updates

In 2023, the developer updated this game to boost the playing experience of players. Here are some updates which make the game more interesting.

  • Coins: The creator added coins in the tunnel. They are placed along the tunnel. Therefore, like other running games such as Geometry Dash Lite, this game also requests you to collect as many coins as you can. They are necessary for the trip of restoring the memories of the ball.
  • Color tiles: Another new update in the game is color tiles. They are scattered along the tunnel. The ball will change color as soon as it rolls over these color tiles.
  • Speed tiles: The final update in the game is speed tiles. Some tiles will decrease the speed of the ball when it steps on them. However, the others will help to accelerate the rolling speed of the ball.