Baldi's Basics

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Addictive gameplay of Baldi's Basics

Let's start your exciting and scary adventure in the school in Baldi's Basics now. Find your friend's notebook and stay away from the Baldi teacher.

Go around the school and solve puzzles

Do you know what the school has at night? The answer will be revealed in this game. Play it now and return to the school to help your friend find his notebooks. This task is not as simple as it sounds. Instead, you will be challenged by the Baldi teacher who likes asking the students brain-teasing questions. These questions can be related to math, literature, and other subjects. You must answer these questions quickly to get the notebooks. Note that these notebooks are scattered in different locations. You should go around the school and find them in the classrooms, faculty room, principal's office, cafeteria, playground, library, Jonny's store, playground, music room, and so on.

Collectible items

While going around the school, you can collect different useful items. These items will help you dodge the Baldi teacher, enter special rooms, or solve puzzles. Here is the list of some collectible items in the game.

  • Swinging Door Lock: You can place it on any swinging door to lock it for a few seconds. This helps to stop other people from entering this room.
  • Principal's Keys: You can use it to open the principal's office.
  • Dangerous Teleporter: You can use it to reach a safe place quickly.
  • Dirty Chalk Eraser: It can be used to create a cloud of chalk dust. If you stand inside this cloud, the Baldi teacher cannot find you.
  • Portal Poster: You can stick it on the wall and enter it to reach another place quickly.
  • Principal Whistle: If you need the aid of the Principal of the Thing, you should blow this whistle.
  • Faculty Name Tag: When you enter the Super Schoolhouse, you should use it because it helps you to avoid other characters, except for the Baldi teacher.
  • Grappling Hook: You can use it to escape from a dangerous place quickly.
  • An Apple for Baldi: When you encounter the Baldi teacher, you should give this apple to him to distract him.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move around the school.

Click the left mouse button to open the door and pick up notebooks.

Playable game modes in Baldi's Basics

This game features two game modes including Story Mode and Endless Mode. In fact, these game modes have different playing rules. Specifically, if you choose the Story Mode, your goal is to collect 7 notebooks and escape from the school as fast as possible. However, if you select the Endless mode, the number of notebooks you need to collect is unlimited. The more notebooks you can find, the more points you can get. The game only ends when you cannot solve puzzles and are killed by Baldi's teacher. Choose one of the game modes and play this game now. Besides, I want to introduce the most exciting game on our website named Pizza Tower. Try it out if you have free time.