Wario Land 4

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About Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4 is the fourth installment of the Wario Land series. Let's help Wario rescue Princess Shokora by collecting four treasures to unlock the pyramid.

On August 21, 2001, the Nintendo developer decided to develop the fourth edition of the Wario Land series. This new version offers a new adventure. Moreover, this game has a high-resolution pixel art style like Pizza Tower. Play this game now and explore what happens with our yellow hero Wario.

The story

The pyramid was found in the jungle. It is said that there are many treasures in this pyramid. Therefore, many treasure hunters enter it to find treasures. Unfortunately, they had accidents. After reading the newspaper about this pyramid, Wario jumps into his car and starts his treasure hunt now. When he gets to the pyramid, a black cat leads him deeper into the pyramid. He jumps into the hole to reach a mysterious room. His destination is the room where the Golden Diva who is the ruler of this pyramid is living. Actually, Princess Shokora is the real ruler of this pyramid. However, she was cursed by this evil monster and transformed into a black cat. If Golden Diva is taken down, the curse will be broken. The princess will say thank you and leave.

Your mission

You are required to help Wario overcome all challenges in the pyramid. During the adventure, you will encounter various monsters that guard the pyramid. Do not hesitate to kill them to get the diamonds dropping from these monsters. Moreover, there are many golden treasure chests along the way. Open them to claim treasures. Remember that your targets are the key and diamond that can be used to open the next room. If you can collect enough 4 diamonds, you can enter the room where a boss is waiting for you. Try your best to defeat this boss.

Besides, do not forget to visit the item shop regularly. In this shop, you can use the medals you earned to purchase many useful and valuable items. They are Apple Bomb, Blast Cannon, Vizorman, Bugle, Black Dog, Large Lips, Big Fist, and Black Dragon. Consider the function of the items before buying them.

How to control

Press Arrow Key to move.

Press an X key to jump.

Press a Z key to hit the blocks and enemies.

Hold an R + Left-Right Arrow Key for a dash attack.

Noteworthy information about Wario Land 4

All game modes and stages

This game has three game modes including Normal, Hard, and S-Hard modes. The Normal and Hard modes are ready to play, but the S-Hard mode is locked. If you want to unlock it, you need to complete all stages in the Hard mode. Note that the harder mode, the shorter the allotted time is. Moreover, the price of items in the item shop will increase if you play the more difficult mode.

There are 18 levels in this game. They are Hall of Hieroglyphs, Palm Tree Paradise, Wildflower Fields, Mystic Lake, Monsoon Jungle, The Curious Factory, The Toxic Landfill, and 40 Below Fridge. Furthermore, you can discover more places such as Toy Block Tower, The Big Board, Doodle Woods, Domino Row, Crescent Moon Village, Arabian Night, and so on. At each level, you can meet different interesting things. Can you beat all levels and break the curse?

All bosses

In the pyramid, besides Golden Diva, you will encounter other monsters. There are 6 bosses in this game. They are subordinates of Golden Diva and are asked to murder any invader. Here is the list of the bosses in the pyramid.

  • Spoiled Rotten: You will meet this boss in the Entry Passage. It is a mutant eggplant that can walk from the left to the right and vice versa.
  • Cactus: This boss guards the Emerald Passage and is a mutant Venus flytrap.
  • Cuckoo Condor: It is a bird in a cuckoo clock cover that protects the Ruby Passage.
  • Aerodent: This boss looks like an inflatable teddy bear. It appears in the Topaz Passage.
  • Catbat: This cat ghost plays as a guardian of the Sapphire Passage.
  • Golden Diva: As a final boss in this game, Golden Diva is really strong. It is challenging for you to defeat it.