Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart is an addictive management game allowing you to become a boss of a supermarket. Fulfill shelves and welcome many customers to earn a lot of money.

Your missions in Monkey Mart

You are a start-up that wants to develop a supermarket chain in the tropical forest. As a boss of the supermarket, you have multiple tasks that you are required to complete.

Grow plants and raise animals

The first task is to grow plants. You need to grow four banana trees and 6 maizes. Use the money you earn to unlock new trees. Besides, you also need to raise a dairy cow and a chicken. Both of them like eating corn. Therefore, you can collect corn and feed them regularly. The chicken will lay eggs and the dairy cow produces milk. Note that you can use your money to upgrade the stamina, speed, and stack of these animals.

Fulfill all shelves

Another mission is to move the goods to the shelves in the supermarket. You must place them on the right shelves. You must be quick as the customers will come continuously. If any shelf in the supermarket is empty, the customers have to wait. Note that you can throw the goods into the garbage bins if they are unnecessary. Besides fulfilling all shelves in the supermarket, you also need to collect payments. You can use the money you earn to unlock new shelves in the supermarket. Keep in mind that the more kinds of goods you sell, the more money you will earn.

Hire staff and expand your supermarket

If there are too many tasks for you to handle, you can hire staff such as assistants, a chef, a farmer, and a cashier. Each staff member will help to deal with a distinct task. Assistants will help you fulfill the shelves in the supermarket while a farmer helps to feed a chicken and dairy cow. A cashier assists in collecting payments while a chef aids to make corn milk.

When you have a lot of money, it is time to expand your supermarket. You can use your money to unlock new supermarkets. Let's build a big supermarket chain in the forest.

How to control: Press Arrow Keys to move.

The shop in Monkey Mart

If you want to customize your monkey, you can visit the shop. In this shop, many kinds of hats are sold at different prices. For example, a straw hat costs 500 dollars while a blue cap has a price of 1000 dollars. The price of a cowboy hat is 3000 dollars. In general, all hats look cool and impressive. Use the money you have to purchase your suitable hat now. Besides, if you enjoy this game and want something more exciting, I want to introduce Pizza Tower. It is the hottest game on our website and promises to bring engaging gameplay and interesting stories. Try it out when you have free time.