Party Toons

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All things you can do in Party Toons

Prepare well to take part in four funny challenges in Party Toons. Do your best to win all challenges to earn coins and unlock the treasure chests.

If you a big fan of TinyDobbins who developed Monkey Mart, do not ignore this game. The developer released this game to create an environment for you and your friends to have fun together. This game allows you to play with the other 3 players, so why don't you invite your friends to try it out now?

Choose hats and characters

At the start of the game, you need to choose the number of players. Then, each player will choose her or his favorite character. Four characters are available to choose while the others are sold at different prices. You can use your coins to buy it. Besides, do not forget to customize your character by changing his hat. Visit the shop and buy cool hats for your character.

Participate in four challenges

After everything is prepared well, click the Play button to join the challenges. This game offers six challenges, but they are selected at random. Here is the list of challenges and their mechanics.

  • Geometry TV: In this challenge, you and the other players are surrounded by four televisions. These televisions will display different shapes. Your mission is to use your flag to point to the television displaying a triangle. The fastest player will be rewarded 5 points whenever pointing the right direction. The slower ones will get fewer points. When the challenge ends, the one with the highest score will become the winner.
  • Popping: This challenge is really funny as you and other players will pop colorful balloons. The one who can pop 5 balloons first will become the winner. Conversely, the losers are the ones who unexpectedly touch bombs.
  • Ping Pong: It is a tennis challenge in which you and other players are divided into two teams. Each team has two members. You and your teammates need to support each other to hit the ball back to your rival's courtside. If the ball flies into your rival's gate, you will gain one point. Do your best to make the ball fly into your opponent's gate three times to score three points and win.
  • Flappy Party: Inspired by Flappy Bird, this challenge requires you to jump over an unlimited number of green chimneys. If you touch any chimney, you will die. The one who can go the farthest distance will become the victor.
  • Strawberry Catch: In this challenge, you will hold a large bowl and run around the playing field to catch strawberries. Sometimes, the stones will drop from the sky. Do not catch them as they will make you faint for seconds.
  • Hurdle Jumping: In this challenge, you and other players need to jump in time to avoid hurdles moving toward you. These hurdles will push you to the water. Therefore, you need to be aware. The winner will be the one who can stand on the racetrack at the last moment.
  • Mystery Box: This challenge will put your fortune to the test because it requires you to guess a lucky box. If you can choose the right box, nothing will happen. However, if you choose the wrong box, you will be hit and fall into the water. The challenge only ends when there is only the last standing survivor on the playing field.

How to control


Press Arrow Keys to play or change the hat.


Press the WASD keys to play or change the hat.


Press the 8456 keys to play or change the hat.


Press the UHJK keys to play or change the hat.