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Relevant information about Cuphead

Cuphead is a perfect combination between running and action games. Guide a humanoid cup to struggle with bosses to collect their soul contracts.

The development

In 2023, StudioMDH announced that they had released a run-and-gun game called Cuphead, or Don't Deal with the Devil. This game features a cartoonish art style that then was inherited by Pizza Tower launched in 2023. Moreover, its gameplay is also super addicting. The game is about a small boy having a head like a cup. Because of losing in the Devil's Casino, he has to join different boss battles to collect their soul contracts and repay his debt.

This game can be played on many platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, macOS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Therefore, it attracts many players. As a result, four million copies of this game will be sold in July 2019. Following this success, the creator launched an animated series about this game on Netflix. These series win the hearts of millions of viewers.

All bosses

In this game, you will traverse 6 lands. In each land, you will encounter different bosses, which is similar to Bad Ice Cream.

  • Inkwell Isle One: In the first world, your rivals are The Root Pack, Goopy Le Grande, Hilda Berg, Cagney Carnation, and Ribby and Croaks.
  • Inkwell Isle Two: In the second overworld, you will get an opportunity to fight against bosses from the fairy tale world. They are Baroness Von Bon Bon, Beppi the Clown, Djimmi the Great, Grim Matchstick, and Wally Warbles.
  • Inkwell Isle Three: This world is a seaside city. In this city, some bosses such as Rumor Honeybottoms, Captain Brineybeard, Sally Stageplay, Werner Werman, Dr. Kahl's Robot, Cala Maria, and Phantom Express live.
  • Inkwell Hell: It is the Devil's Casino. In this casino, you need to take down some bosses such as Tipsy Troop, Chips Bettigan, Mr. Wheezy, Pip and Dot, Hopus Pocus, Phear Lap, Pirouletta, Mangosteen, Mr. Chimes, and King Dice. In particular, the final boss in this map is The Devil who asked you to collect soul contracts. To defeat him, you need to take a lot of effort.
  • Inkwell Isle Four: It is an island where many bosses like Glumstone The Giant, Moonshine Mob, The Howling Aces, and Mortimer Freeze reside.
  • The King's Leap: It is a floating castle ruled by the King of Games. In this castle, you will encounter bosses like chess pieces such as The Pawns, The Knight, The Bishop, The Rook, and The Queen.

Ways to take down Wally Warbles in Cuphead

Among the bosses in the game, Wally Warbles is the strongest boss. It is the birdhouse flying in the sky. It is able to shoot eggs and bullets to murder you. Moreover, in phase 2, five spiky eggs will fly around the bird to protect it. In phase 3, although the bird gets hurt and has to lie on the stretcher, it still throws different objects at you. Your mission is to fly up or down to evade the attacks of this aggressive bird and shoot down it.

How to control

Use Arrow Keys to fly up, down, left, or right.

Use a Z key to choose.

Use an X key to shoot.

Use a C key to shrink.

Use a Q to swap weapons