Super Bandit RIP

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Playable game modes in Super Bandit RIP

The best multiplayer action game named Super Bandit RIP was launched and attracted many players. Let's knock out other players to become the strongest fighter.

Welcome to the world in which you can freely show off your power and fighting skills. The battles in this world are not only thrilling but also competitive. The participants of these battles are players from all over the world. But first, you must choose the game mode and your favorite character.

  • Training Mode: You should choose the Training Mode first to learn to control the characters and the rules of the battle. In this mode, you will encounter an unlimited number of computer players. You must take down them to master your fighting skills.
  • Team Deathmatch: If you want to play as a team with other players, you can choose this mode. In this game mode, the team who can kill all members of the opposite team will become the victor.
  • 1v1: If any fighter challenges you, let's invite him to play the 1v1 mode with you. In this game mode, you must eliminate your rival at all costs to become the winner.
  • Free For All: This mode is designed for all players who want to fight alone. In this game mode, your objective is to murder as many enemies as possible. If you are assassinated, you can spawn immediately and continue the fight.

Because this game features multiplayer like Sushi Party, you can join any lobby or create your own lobby. After creating a lobby, you can send the code of the lobby to your friends to invite them.


Use A-D keys to move left and right.

Use the W-S keys to move up and down.

Use the Spacebar to dash.

Use an E or Q key to change the weapon.

Use a T key to chat.

Click the left mouse button or JKL keys to attack.