Geometry Dash Lite

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The playing rules of Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is the lite version of Geometry Dash featuring 15 levels. Choose one of the levels and start wonderful adventures with a square now.

In this game, you will take part in exciting adventures in deadly mazes. Your target in this adventure is secret coins which are hidden anywhere in the mazes. You must collect all the secret coins and reach the end as soon as possible. Be careful with dangers such as fake lines, buzzsaws, spikes, high walls, and so on along the way. Jump or fly up to evade them at all costs. Break a leg!

How to control

Use the left mouse or press the Spacebar to jump.

Use a Z key to place a checkpoint.

Use an X key to remove a checkpoint

Reasons you should try Geometry Dash Lite

Many exciting levels

Like Pizza Tower, this game also features many levels from Easy to Demon. Specifically, there are a total of 15 challenging levels. Each level has a distinct theme.

  • Stereo Madness: It is an easy level featuring a purple theme.
  • Back On Track: Its difficulty is also easy. At this level, you will see yellow jump pads along the way. They will assist you in making double jumps.
  • Polargeist: It is the third level with a normal difficulty in the game. At this level, you are offered yellow jump rings along the way. They also help you jump higher.
  • Dry Out: Its difficulty is also normal. This level introduces the gravity portal with an antigravity cube segment.
  • Base After Base: It is the Hard level in this game.
  • Can't Let's Go: Its difficulty is Hard. At this level, the cube character will change its appearance two times. It will transition to the ship at 57% and then an antigravity cube at 70%.
  • Jumper: Its difficulty is Harder. This level features more small spikes on the road.
  • Time Machine: It is also a Harder level. At this level, you will see many mirror portals and triple spikes.
  • Cycles: The degree of difficulty of this level is also Harder. The frequency of jump pads, rings, and gravity portals increases at this level.
  • XStep: It is an Insane level in the game. At this level, you are offered cyan gravity pads and cyan gravity rings which help you jump super high.
  • Clutterfunk: Its difficulty is Insane. This level introduces the saw-blade hazard and the size portal which changes the size of the character.
  • Theory Of Everything: The difficulty of this level is also Insane. At this level, you will meet magenta jump pads and magenta jump rings along the way.
  • Electroman Adventures: Its difficulty is also Insane. If you play this level, you will see many destructible blocks.
  • Clubstep: It is a Demon level in the game. At this level, you need to fly through tighter space and evade fake spikes, fading spikes, and fading blocks that may cause death.
  • Electrodynamix: It is also an Insane level. At this level, you have to pass through many speed portals which will raise or reduce your speed.

Available game modes

There are two game modes including Practice Mode and Normal Mode. Each game mode features distinct gameplay.

  • Practice Mode: If you are a rookie, this mode is suitable for you. In this mode, you can use the green gems to set checkpoints along the way. If you unexpectedly hit obstacles on the road, you will re-emerge at the checkpoint instead of the starting point. Besides, you can remove checkpoints if you want. In addition, the progress will be saved separately from that of normal mode. Furthermore, you cannot collect secret coins during the journey.
  • Normal Mode: If you master the game, challenge yourself with this mode. There are no checkpoints in this mode. As a result, you have to come back to the starting point if you uncarefully collide with the obstacles on the road.

Geometry Dash

The original version of this game is Geometry Dash developed by Robert Topala in Sweeden. This running game takes you to different lands and fights against aggressive bosses. The graphics and gameplay of this game are already very attractive. Moreover, the controls are also really simple. Those are reasons why players fall in love with them.