Stick Merge

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Exciting facts about Stick Merge

Embark on shootouts

Thrilling shooting fights in Stick Merge are awaiting you. Play it now and merge guns to create an upgraded one which can be used to shoot down enemies.

This game offers you an opportunity to become a professional sniper. As a sniper, you need a powerful gun. First, you need to buy guns in the shop. Next, let's mix two guns of the same kind to unlock a new one that is not only more powerful but also generates more coins automatically. After having a strong gun, it is time to join exciting shooting fights. In a fight, you must confront other snipers who hide in the house. As soon as they appear, you must shoot down them with one shot. Of course, you are also their target who needs to be eliminated. Therefore, try to assassinate other snipers before they take you down. If you can complete the mission, you will claim many coins and rubies.

How to control: Use the mouse to aim.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by TinyDobbins who also created Monkey Mart. It can be accessed on all platforms and on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you can play it online without downloading it.

Visit the shop in Stick Merge

If the coins can be used to purchase guns, the rubies you earn can be exchanged for hats. In the shop, you can find two kinds of hats which are basic and epic hats. There are 5 basic hats. All basic hats have the same price of 100 rubies. Meanwhile, epic hats are more expensive. You need to pay 500 rubies to get an epic hat. However, as you know, quality generally comes at a price. Epic hats can protect you better. Therefore, you should accumulate as many rubies as possible to buy your favorite epic hat.