Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is a new and exciting platform game with an engaging story. Go with the chef Peppino Spaghetti to sneak into the tower and save his pizzeria.

Do you know which is the hottest game in 2023? The answer is this role-playing horror video game made by Tour De Pizza. The developer shared that the cartoonish graphics and gameplay of this game are inherited from Nintendo's retro games. Right after being launched in January, the game attracts millions of players from all over the world as well as critics. All of them give flattering compliments on this game. Are you curious about this game and the secrets behind its popularity? Play the game now to know why it is so famous.

Pizza Tower Online

If you want to play the game on the web browser, Pizza Tower Online is the best choice. This game will offer a wonderful adventure in which you will enter the tower and defeat the bosses. In this online version, the graphics and arts are cartoonish, colorful, and stunning. The controls are also more simple. Moreover, the game is playable on both PC and mobile devices. As a result, the game engages many players in playing it. All players also give positive reviews about this game. It also wins the hearts of critics because of its addicting gameplay, eye-catching visuals, and humor.

Explore Pizza Tower

If you're still wondering what's so interesting about this game, play it now. I'm sure you'll be addicted to it on the first try. But first, let's discover the story behind the game and its gameplay.

The story behind the game

A chef called Peppino Spaghetti manages a famous pizzeria. However, one day, Pizzaface comes and announces that he will destroy the pizzeria. This monster will stand at the top of the tower and shoot the laser at the pizzeria. Therefore, the pizza chef decides to enter the tower and stop Pizzaface. It is a dangerous and difficult mission. Fortunately, during the trip, he meets Gustavo who is an adventurer. Gustavo supports him a lot in this adventure.

The gameplay

In this game, you need to guide Peppino to enter different doors. These doors will lead you to different rooms where you have to encounter aggressive bosses. You need to run, jump, and roll to overcome deadly traps in the towers. If you want to destroy the wall, you need to activate the skateboard or run at a breakneck speed toward the wall. Do the same when you want to kill monsters along the way. Keep in mind that the character will not die when crashing into the monsters or obstacles. However, he will scream, which will be super noisy. Your destination is the exit door. You must reach it and enter it to move to another place. Do not forget to collect food such as tomatoes, mushrooms, and vegetables along the way to gain the highest score. Do your best to protect the Italian pizzeria from being destroyed.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to run to the left or right.

Press a Z key to choose or jump.

Hold an X key to activate the skateboard and hit the wall.

Press a Down Arrow Key to bow down.

Hold the Left or Right Arrow Key + Down Arrow Key to crawl.

Press an Up Arrow Key to enter the door or climb.

Relevant information about Pizza Tower

Playable characters

When playing this game, you are allowed to choose between two characters who are Peppino Spaghetti and The Noise. If you want to change the character, you must jump and hit the picture on the wall. Each character will have a distinct feature.

  • Peppino Spaghetti: He is the protagonist in this game. This character is easy to control. He is able to jump on top of the opponents to make them faint. Another ability of Peppino is dashing which helps to destroy the walls in the tower. Moreover, he can grab rivals and throw them far away. In addition, Peppino Spaghetti has the ability to transform into different forms. He can become Ball Peppino, Knight Peppino, Fireass Peppino, Firemouth Peppino, Ghost Peppino, Barrel Peppino, Rocket Peppino, and so on. Note that each form will give him a special ability. For example, if he transforms into Ball Peppino, he will become a balloon and roll quickly toward the wall to smash it.
  • The Noise: He is the second playable character in this game. He is a mischievous yellow monkey wearing a yellow chef hat. He can ride the skateboard and rush quickly toward the wall to destroy it.

All bosses that you need to fight against

The bosses in the game

During the adventure, you will encounter a variety of bosses and enemies. There are 6 bosses and 68 enemies in this game. Here are some dominant bosses and strategies to defeat them.

  • The Vigilante: This boss is a cheese slime who is the grandson of John E. Cheese. Pizzaface tricked him into believing that Peppino is a criminal. Therefore, he wants to stop the Italian chef at all costs. He will fire cheese bullets at you to kill you. Therefore, you need to dodge them and eliminate this boss in the shortest time.
  • Pepperman: This boss is a giant red pepper that will change color whenever you hit him. He will dash toward you to attack. Therefore, you need to jump as soon as he is near you.
  • Pizzaface: The final boss in this game is Pizzaface who wants to destroy the pizzeria of Peppino. This boss looks like a giant pizza with two red pepperoni eyes, a mushroom nose, and a green pepper mouth and eyebrows. When he changes his facial expression, the toppings on his face also alter. This boss will float to the left and right at a slow speed and drop different enemies. You need to grab these enemies and throw them at Pizzaface.
  • Pizzahead: This boss appears after the Pizzaface is defeated. He is a tall and lean humanoid cheese pizza slice. He wears a white shirt, blue overalls, and brown shoes. His face looks like a clown's as he has a big red nose. He will take out a suitcase and throw it at you. This suitcase contains a gun. You must grab this gun and shoot down Pizzahead. This boss will take down different stuff and throw them at you. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Various costumes and clothes

There are a total of 19 clothes in this game. They have different colors. Some of them are available at the start of the game. You just need to control the character to stand in front of the wardrobe and press an up arrow key to change the clothes. The other clothes are locked. If you want to unlock them, you need to complete the levels, knock out enemies, or get hurt a certain number of times.

Distinctive characteristics of Pizza Tower

All levels in the game

There are 5 floors in this game. They are Ancient, Water, Boulder, Horror, and Spooky Land floors. Each floor leads to 4 levels. Therefore, this game has 20 levels with different degrees of difficulty. All levels in the game are available for gameplay. Therefore, you can choose one of the levels to play instead of completing them in order. Note that each floor has a distinct feature, opponents, and obstacles. This will bring you an interesting and fresh playing experience.

All achievements

This game offers 72 achievements that you need to complete during the game. Here are some useful tips which assist you in getting these achievements.

  • John Gutted: You need to smash dead John blocks to gain this achievement.
  • Peppino's Rain Dance: This achievement requires you to dance with the mach dash in the mach dash in the Oregano Desert in order to reactivate the totem.
  • Cube Menace: If you want to earn this achievement, you must take down the Mort Cube
  • Pretend Ghost: Attempt to take down 20 or more enemies as a ghost in Wasteyard to gain this achievement.
  • Primo Golfer: To get this achievement, you need to gain the highest rank on the courses of Golf.
  • Ghosted: Try to stay away from John Ghost in the Wasteyard if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Pan Fried: The bacon room is the key to unlocking this achievement. Be quick to find it.
  • Faker: If you can take down Fake Peppino without getting hurt, you will gain this achievement.
  • Man Meteor: This achievement is only unlocked after you murder 5 UFOlives in a single bodyslam in Deep Dish Nine.
  • Frozen Nuggets: Try to free all the frozen birds in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator to unlock this achievement.
  • Food Clan: You must assassinate 10 ninjas to gain this achievement.
  • Lumberjack: You have to smash every wood block in Gnome Forest to earn this achievement.
  • Already Pressed: To get this achievement, you must activate each button only once in Fastfood Saloon.