Poor Eddie

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The gameplay of Poor Eddie

Play Poor Eddie which is a challenging adventure game made by Gametornado now. Assist Eddie in overcoming many dangers and reaching the finish line.

Eddie, a little boy, is joining a running race. You must help him reach the finish line to win. The track is full of spike traps and bombs. If he falls into these dangers, he will die. Therefore, in this game, you will control not only Eddie but also tools. You must control tools to protect Eddie from dangers and then control him to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line. It sounds simple, but actually, it is really challenging. You must think carefully to avoid hitting obstacles. Don't worry because there is no time limit in this game.

There are 150 challenging levels in this game. If you complete 5 levels, you are allowed to open a treasure chest. This treasure chest contains a rare skin. There are 9 treasure chests that you can open. Try to complete all levels in the game and unlock all treasure chests to get beautiful skins. Moreover, there are 8 skins that are available for gameplay. You can choose one of them to play.

How to control

Press the arrow key to move.

Press the spacebar to choose.