Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

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The principles of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is the third version of the Street Fighter III series. Defeat your rival in three rounds to become the strongest fighter.

Because the Street Fighter III series is really successful, the developer decided to develop the third installment to celebrate the Street Fighter's 30th Anniversary. Like Sonic The Hedgehog, this game is also playable on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and especially PC. You can play it online for free.

Join the battles

At the start of the game, you need to choose one of the characters. Then, you must click the Start button to start the fight. In this fight, you need to kick and punch your opponent until he or she runs out of blood. Note that your rival also wants to defeat you. Therefore, you should move left or right or jump to evade your rival's attacks. After defeating your rival, you will score one point. If you can gain two or three points, you will become the winner of the fight.

How to control


Press the Shift key to start to play.

Press an Enter or X key to choose.

Press the Left-Right Arrow keys to move.

Press Z, X, C, and E keys to kick.

Press the A, S, and Q keys to punch.

Note: you can use the gamepad to play this game.

All characters in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

This game offers 20 characters with different fighting skills. Here are the best characters you can choose from in the game.

  • Chun-Li: She is a young orphan and is kidnapped by bad guys. She is able to throw multiple kicks and her special ability is the Stomp Kick. Moreover, she can jump on the wall.
  • Yun: He is from Hong Kong and wants to protect his hometown. He masters Chinese fighting techniques and can move very fast to approach the rival.
  • Ken Masters: He joins the fight to explore the secret of the Secret Society. He is a judo master. His punches are super strong and cause large damage to the opponent.
  • Makoto: This Japanese girl is a karate master. Therefore, her punches and kicks are really powerful. Her karate techniques are awesome.