After Life: The Game

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Your tasks in After Life: The Game

After Life: The Game is a funny arcade game featuring engaging gameplay and cute graphics. After you die, you will become a ghost and do everything.

Do you know what you have to do after you die? Play this game now and it will let you know. In this game, you will transform into a ghost and complete different missions.

First, you must learn to fly. Try not to fall into the ground or hit other obstacles such as trees, pumpkins, lighting, and so on. After that, you must protect your wife from different dangers such as knives, ninjas, pans, and so on. Next, you must troll your old boss. Let's make everything on his table fly up. This will scare your boss and he will hide under the table. Then, you must scare a little boy by appearing on the computer screen. Keep clicking the mouse constantly until the ghost appears. Afterward, you will join a talking show. You must answer different questions. Try to choose the right answers to make everyone laugh. Besides, you can join a party with your friend. Let's press the musical notes in time to dance. After joining the party, you can come home and dress up. You must choose nice clothes to become a beautiful ghost. Because Halloween is coming, you need to go around the town and collect all the candies. Sort candies and other objects into two buckets within a limited time. After that, you will take part in an exciting but dangerous adventure. Along the way, there are many deadly traps such as spikes, bullets, lasers, and so on. You should not touch them and try to reach the exit portal safely. Finally, you must choose your way to hell or heaven. If you go to hell, you must be careful with red ducks. If you go to heaven, you must click the left mouse in time to jump on ladders to reach the heaven portal.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the ghost.

Creator and Platform

This game was developed by Ohmaigawd. It can be played on the web browser because this is an HTML game like Habbo Clicker. You can use your PC or mobile device to play the game.