Wario Land 2

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The gameplay of Wario Land 2

Take a look at Wario Land 2 which is the second edition of the Wario Land series. Control Wario to fight against Black Sugar Gang to regain his treasure.

Black thieves sneak into the castle of Wario and escape his treasure. Moreover, they even turn on the water system to shrink this castle. After the water system is activated, the warning clock rings constantly and awakens Wario. You must control him to go around the castle and find the alarm. Hit the alarm to turn it off. Then, you must let the water out and take down a giant snake in the cellar of the castle.

After every trouble in the castles is solved, you need to start a new adventure to find the stolen treasure of Wario. First, you will come to Captain Syrup's pirate ship. Collect coins and fight against opponents on the ship. Next, you have to chase the Black Sugar Gang who stole the treasure. You have to knock out all bosses along the way and reach the destination. There is no time limit in this game. Therefore, you do not need to be quick.

There are 5 chapters and 6 additional chapters in this game. Each chapter has 5 stories corresponding to 5 challenging levels. Can you beat all levels?

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to move.

Press an X key to jump.

Press a Z key to hit walls and enemies.

All bosses in Wario Land 2

The bosses in this game are different from those in other versions like Wario Land 4. Here is the list of bosses that you need to defeat.

  • Giant Snake: You will meet this boss at Level 5 of Chapter 1. The snake resides in the basement of the castle. You must be careful as it can bite you and change you into an egg.
  • Bobo: In Chapter 2, you will encounter this boss. It is a purple bird that rushes toward you and creates strong winds to blow you away.
  • Giant Bee: You can be stung by this bee.
  • Dunk: This boss is a giant rabbit. You and this boss will participate in a basketball match. Watch out as the rabbit can change you into a basketball and throw it into the hoop.
  • Cave Master: This boss looks like a strong pig that will shove or kick you out of the arena.