Up Hill Racing 2

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Simple playing rules of Up Hill Racing 2

Up Hill Racing 2 invites you to join car races on many endless tracks. Drive your car to go on bumpy roads and collect as many coins as possible.

In this game, you need to drive your car to go on bumpy roads. Be careful! If your car flips, you will lose. Therefore, you must try to keep your car balanced at all times. Moreover, because the fuel of your car is limited, you must try to go as far as possible before your car runs out of fuel. You can collect gold coins along the way because they are really important. These coins can be used to upgrade the fuel, tires, engine, and stability of your car. This helps you go further.

This game offers 5 tracks including Plain, Hillock, Desert, Arctic, and Hills. Only Plain is available for gameplay and the others are locked. You can unlock them by using your coins and reaching a certain distance in the previous track.

How to control: Press the left-right arrow keys to drive the car.

Various cars in Up Hill Racing 2

There are many cars in this game. They are roadster, wagon, pickup monster, truck, and half-track. These cars have different designs and prices. You must use your coins to buy your favorite car and then upgrade it to level 40.