Truth Runner

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The playing instruction of Truth Runner

Play Truth Runner to know who you are. Control the character to run through different portals, collect different items, and reach the finish line safely.

In this game, you need to join many running races. In each race, you must go through different portals and collect many items. Every decision will show your characteristic. For example, if you choose beautiful clothes, cameras, parties, and money, it means that you are a star. In contrast, if you choose teddy bears, games, and candies, it indicates that you are a child. Play the game and let's see who you are. Your goal is to run to the finish line safely. Note that you will lose if you reach the finish line and change nothing.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the character.

All levels in Truth Runner

This game has many levels. In general, all levels are not difficult. Moreover, the new level will bring more new things. Therefore, you will always have a fresh playing experience. Do your best to complete all levels and do not forget to invite your friends to play with you. This game can be played on both PC and mobile devices.