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All game modes in Triset.io

Welcome to Triset.io which allows you to join exciting territory fights. Capture more squares than your opponents within a limited time to become the victor.

Like Make It Meme, this multiplayer game features many game modes that you can choose freely.

  • Squares: The first game mode is the Squares mode. This is the standard mode in which you will be matched with the other two players. You and the other players will compete to use your blocks to build on a grid. Your mission is to capture as many squares as possible. Note that you cannot capture the squares of your opponents. However, you can use the bombs to destroy the blocks of your rivals. The one who can capture the most number of squares will become the winner.
  • Timer: The second game mode is Timer. The gameplay of this game mode is fairly similar to the Squares mode. However, the time is limited. The fight lasts only 60 seconds.
  • Capture: The third mode in this game is the Capture mode. The playing rules of this mode are also fairly identical to the Squares mode.
  • Diamond: Next, you can choose the Diamond mode. In this game mode, you can not only capture squares but also collect diamonds.
  • Lighting: The fifth mode in this game is the Lighting mode. In the fight in this game mode, you can collect lighting to increase your speed of construction.
  • Clone: In this Clone game mode, many clone blocks will be generated after you place a block.
  • Bomb: The number of bombs in this Bomb mode is more than in the other modes. Therefore, you can collect them and use them to destroy blocks of other players.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to build.

Press the spacebar to rotate the blocks and change the blocks.