Tower Climb

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About Tower Climb

Welcome to Tower Climb which is an interesting climbing game. Climb as high as possible on an endless high tower and take caution with dangers.

The volcano is rising. If you do not want to die, you must climb on the high tower now. This tower has an endless height, so your goal is to climb on it as high as possible. Note that the higher you can climb, the higher score you can get. You must gain the highest possible score. However, you should be careful as the tower is full of spiky traps and spiky balls. These spiky traps are scattered along the tower while the spiky balls fly around the tower. You must climb on the left or right to evade these hazards. Additionally, the rising speed of the volcano will increase gradually, so you must climb as quickly as you can. Try not to touch the volcano or any danger on the tower to stay alive as long as possible.

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How to control

Click the left side of the screen to climb on the left.

Click the right side of the screen to climb to the right.