Sushi Grab

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The playing rules of Sushi Grab

Let's test your reflexes and fingers by playing Sushi Grab. Play as a manager of a sushi restaurant and grab sushi that your customers ordered.

Imagine that you open a sushi restaurant that welcomes many customers every day. These customers will order different kinds of sushi. You must use the crane to grab the right sushi that the customers ordered. Remember that the patience of the customers is limited, so they cannot wait too long. You must be quick to grab enough three ordered kinds of sushi to satisfy them and earn a lot of coins. The more customers you can serve, the more coins you can earn.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to grab the sushi.

Upgrade statistics

If you want to increase your speed and earn more coins, you must use your coins to upgrade statistics. Specifically, you must upgrade the crane speed and extra money. Moreover, if you want to extend the waiting time of the customers, you have to upgrade the clock, complete the order, and happy cat.