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The playing rules of Superfighters

Welcome to exciting fights between strong fighters in Superfighters. Use your fighting skills to take down your enemies and become the last survivor.

Invite your friends to play with you

The fight between the powerful fighters is taking place in this game. Are you ready to join it? You can join the battle alone or invite your friends to join the battle with you. If you and your friends want to participate in the battle together, you should choose the 2 Player game mode. If you want to fight alone, you can choose the 1 Player game mode.

Choose between three game modes

Before entering the fight, you must choose the character. Like Sushi Party, this game also offers many characters such as Johny, Boris, Agent, Billy, Scott, Mac, and Jeff. After selecting your favorite character, you must choose between three game modes. They are Stage Mode, Vs Mode, and Survival Mode.

  • Vs Mode: The first game mode in this game is Vs Mode which requires you to confront the CPU. In this game, you are allowed to choose the number of rivals. You can battle with a maximum of 7 rivals. In the fight, you must approach your opponent and hit him. Or you can use the gun to shoot down your enemy or throw grenades at your rival. The one who can live until the end will become the winner.
  • Stage Mode: In this game, you must complete 9 levels classified into three types which are Bronze levels, Silver levels, and Gold levels. Note that the Bronze levels are the easiest levels while the Gold levels are the most challenging levels. In each level, you must take down a CPU.
  • Survival Mode: Unlike the above game modes, this game mode requests you to join the fight against an unlimited number of enemies. You must eliminate as many enemies as possible and survive as long as you can. If you join the battle with your friend, I advise you to cooperate with your friends to take down the opponents.

The game maps

This game offers many game maps, which is similar to Slime.io. They are Storage, Rooftop, Police Station, Hazardous, Backstreets, and Testing Floor. Each game map has different obstacles, so you should consider them before choosing the game map. Besides, if you want something surprising, you can choose the Random button. After you choose this button, a map will be selected at random.

How to control


Left-Right Arrow Keys = move.

Up Arrow Key = jump or aim up.

Down Arrow Key = crouch or aim down.

An N key = a melee attack.

An M key = shoot.

A comma key = throw grenades.

A dot key = power-ups


A-D = move

W key = jump or aim up

An S key = crouch or aim down

1 key for a melee attack.

2 key = shoot

3 key = throw a grenade

a 4 key = power-up