Super Bomberman 3

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What is Super Bomberman 3?

Prepare for a new adventure in the 3rd version called Super Bomberman 3. Traverse five planets and defeat five bombers to stop their plan of space conquest.

The plot

In the second version called Super Bomberman 2, five dastardly bombers are defeated. However, in this version, they are rescued by a UFO. This UFO is driven by Professor Bagura. He cures all bombers and sends them to five planets of the Bomber Nebula. On each planet, these bombers steal the Mother Computer Chip and destroy it into different pieces. These pieces are scattered across the land to disconnect the network. Professor Bagura asks these bombers to do that in order to complete his evil plan of space conquest.

The game modes

Like Wario Land 4, this game also offers many game modes. Specifically, you need to choose between two game modes which are the Normal Mode and Battle Mode.

  • Normal Mode: In this mode, you can select 1 or 2 players to play the game. Then, when you click the Start button, you will enter the first world which is Swamp Attack. Then, you need to traverse other planets such as Firestorm, Deep Sea, Pyramid, and Winterland. After traveling to all planets, you will come to the final world which is Battleship. In this world, your opponent is Professor Bagura. You must place bombs in strategic places to defeat him and break his evil plan.
  • Battle Mode: In this mode, you can invite the other 4 players to play with you. You can choose between the Single or Tag Match. If you choose the Single mode, you need to fight against all players in the arena. Meanwhile, if you select the Tag Match, you and other players will play as two teams and struggle with each other.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to move.

Press an X key to place bombs.

All characters in Super Bomberman 3

There are two main characters and 6 villains in this game. The two main characters are White Bomberman and Black Bomberman. You and the other players can control them to play the game. Besides, here is the list of villains in the game.

  • Magnet Bomber: You can meet this bomber in the Green Swamp Attack and steal the green Mother Computer Chip.
  • Golem Bomber: This bomber is large and strong. He is asked to guard the fierce Firestorm and steal the red Mother Computer Chip.
  • Pretty Bomber: This bomber appears in the fight on the oceanic Deep Sea. She stole the blue Mother Computer Chip.
  • Brain Bomber: This bomber is a technician who guards the desert Pyramid. He stole the black Mother Computer Chip.
  • Plasma Bomber: You need to confront this bomber on the chilly Winterland. As the electrical leader of the Five Dastardly Bombers, he guards the white Mother Computer Chip.
  • Bagura: He is the final boss as well as the leader of the Five Dastardly Bombers.