Super Bomberman 2

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What is Super Bomberman 2?

Super Bomberman 2 is the 2nd version of the Super Bomberman series published by Hudson Soft. Fight against 5 evil bombers and escape from their spaceship.

One day, a team of five aliens called the Five Dastardly Bombers landed their spaceship on Earth. The goal of their trip is to look for the Bomberman on Earth and kidnap him. They want to become the best bombers in the universe. The Bomberman is imprisoned in a prison cell. If he wants to leave there, he has to struggle with the evil bombers in the spaceship.

The game modes and stages

Like Super Bomberman, this game also offers two game modes which are Normal Mode and Battle Mode.

  • Normal Mode: In this mode, your mission is to place bombs in strategic places to eliminate all subordinates of the Five Dastardly Bombers. Moreover, you also need to destroy all treasure chests in the arena. Finally, reach the exit door and enter it to move to the next stage. This mode offers 5 stages which are Castle Stage, Flame Stage, Amusement Park Stage, Factory Stage, and Dark Stage. Can you complete all stages?
  • Battle Mode: In this mode, you can choose between the Single Match and Tag Match. Moreover, you also can choose the number of players who can join the fight. This mode requires you to fight against members of the Five Dastardly Bombers team. You must defeat them to save the Earth. Moreover, if you get a victory, you can join a roulette-type mini-game. You must push an A key to spin the wheel. You can get the Bomb-Up, the Speed-Up, the Power Glove, the Kick, the Heart, or the Geta after playing this mini-game.

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How to control

Press Arrow Keys to move.

Press an X key to place the bomb.

The passwords in Super Bomberman 2

If you want to play the first stage of each world, you can enter passwords. Here is the list of passwords for the stages.

  • Stage 1-1: The password is 4361
  • Stage 2-1: The password is 6442
  • Stage 3-1: The password is 3903
  • Stage 4-1: The password is 9564
  • Stage 5-1: The password is 7735