Subway Surfers Saint Petersburg

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About Subway Surfers Saint Petersburg

The principles

Subway Surfers Saint Petersburg is the seventy-fifth edition of the Subway Surfers World Tour Series. Join the chase between Jake and Santa in the subway.

The next destination of the world tour at this time is Saint Petersburg on Christmas. In this beautiful city, Jake meets a policeman again. The police officer dresses up like Santa and his dog looks like a reindeer. As they have not given up catching Jake, he has to run as fast as possible to escape them. As his friend, you need to help him evade dangerous obstacles such as barriers, trains, and high walls in the subway. Guide him to either jump, slide down, or move left or right to dodge them. Along the way, you will see many power-ups which help to increase your speed or gather more coins. Therefore, you should grab them at all costs. Besides, remember to pick up as many gold coins and letters as possible. Always remember that your ultimate goal is to run as far as possible to get a high rank on the worldwide leaderboard. Come on! Play this game now to discover Saint Petersburg which is a wonderful city. If you love this game, Geometry Dash Lite is the best next choice. Try it out!

How to control

Press the Left - Right Arrow keys to move left or right

Press an Up Arrow key to jump

Press a Down Arrow key to slide down

Press s Spacebar to activate the hoverboard

New features in Subway Surfers Saint Petersburg

More characters

This new installment introduces a new character. His name is Nicolai. If you want to get him, you need to pay 95.000 coins. Besides, his Frost Outfit costs 15 keys and his hoverboard called the Sleigh has a price of 50.000 coins. Accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to purchase this new character now.

Besides a new character, you can select available characters such as Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Yutani, Frank, Ella, King, Lucy, Ninja, Tasha, Zoe, Brody, Prince K, Tony, Kim, Harumi, and so on. In general, they are divided into two types including non-limited and limited characters. Non-limited characters such as Spike, Yutany, or Tricky can be purchased anytime. However, limited characters like Kim, Harumi, or Nick are sold for a limited time. You need to buy them before going off-sale for a while.

Various power-ups

In this game, you are offered many power-ups which aid you a lot during the game. Here is the list of power-ups that you can use,

  • Coin Magnet: This power-up can be collected along the way. It helps you attract all nearby coins without moving left or right..
  • Jetpack: You can get this power-up while running. It helps you fly in the air to evade obstacles and collect more coins.
  • 2X Multiplier: This power-up will double the number of coins you earn.
  • Super Sneakers: If you get super sneakers, you can jump higher to dodge obstacles on the track.
  • Pogo Stick: This power-up helps you jump high in the air and gather many gold coins.
  • Headstart: This power-up also helps you fly in the air. However, when flying, you will not see any coins to collect. Instead, you will get a free power-up before landing on the track..
  • Score Booster: If you use this power-up, your score will rise dramatically.
  • Super Mysterizer: It is a box that contains a mystery power-up. You can buy it in the shop.
  • Hourglass: the shop sells an hourglass that helps to increase the timer of the effect of the power-ups.