Stumble Guys

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About Stumble Guys

The rules

Stumble Guys is an online party game featuring numerous thrilling challenges. Defeat the other 32 stumble guys in all challenges to become the victor.

Play the game to transform into a stumbling guy and embark on different challenges with other players from all over the world. You need to join three challenges chosen at random. In the first round, you need to be one of 16 players to complete the mission first in order to move on to the next round. In the second round, you need to compete to become one of 8 players who are qualified to step up to the final round. The final round is super important as only one player will become the winner. Try your best to finish the challenge first to become the victor.

In case you and other players can survive in the elimination map in the final round, you will move on to an extra round. In this extra round, you must make an effort to defeat your rivals and get a cup. If you enjoy this game, why don't you check out Pizza Tower which is the hottest game on our website?

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move.

Press SPACEBAR to jump.

Have fun with exciting challenges in Stumble Guys

Race To Finish

The common objective of this challenge is to cross the finish line first. This challenge takes place on many maps. Here are some maps you can see.

  • Icy Heights: In this map, you have to run on an icy racetrack. It is really slippery, so you need to be careful.
  • Tile Falls: This map features many interconnected yellow tiles. Some of them are safe, but others are dangerous. Therefore, you need to guess the positions of safe tiles and then step on them.
  • Cannon Climb: In this map, you need to encounter many giant cannons which launch many big balls. These balls will roll toward you and make you fall.
  • Pivot Push: This map has many large pivots and hammers. Jump as high as possible to evade them if you don't want to fall.
  • Lost Temple: On this map, you will get a chance to explore an ancient temple. The structure of this temple is like a maze, so it is easy for you to get lost. Moreover, there are numerous deadly traps in this temple.

Don't Fall

This challenge requires you to survive as long as possible. You often play this challenge in Round 2 and Round 3. Here are some maps where this challenge takes place.

  • Laser Tracer: In this map, you will see many lasers that sweep across the arena. Do your best to dodge lasers and stay alive until the challenge ends.
  • Block Dash: This map is a small, square platform. During the challenge, you need to avoid groups of blocks that move toward you.
  • Bombardment: You and other players will be teleported to a small square boat floating in the ocean. Try to evade the bullets from the pirate ship if you do not want to die soon.

Team Stages

In this challenge, you will play as a team. Cooperate with other players to defeat the opposite team to get a victory. This challenge often takes place on two maps.

  • Rocket Rumbles: In this map, you will join a shooting battle with other players. Your goal is to shoot down members of the opposite team and capture as many flag posts as possible.
  • Stumble Soccer: On this map, you will attend an exciting soccer match. Kick a super big ball into the rival's goalpost to gain as many points as possible. When the match ends, the team with a higher score will be the winner.

Stumble Guys Online

With the aim of letting players play more freely, Stumble Guys Online was released. This online version also offers similar playing rules, graphics, and playing experience. In this game, your mission is also to embark on different running and survival challenges. If you can overcome these challenges, you will get valuable rewards. This game is playable on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, it is convenient for you to play it anywhere and anytime.