Street Fighter Alpha 3

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The Principles of Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the third version of the Street Fighter Alpha series. Knock out other powerful fighters in three rounds to prove your power.

Like Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, this game was also developed by Capcom. In this new installment, you can select the fighting style and join new stages. Moreover, many new and old characters also appear in this third version. Play the game now to explore new things.

Battle with strong fighters

Like other versions, this game also requests you to choose one of the characters and join a battle. Your opponent in the battle can be the CPU or your friends. The battle has three rounds. The one who can win two or three rounds will become the ultimate winner. If you want to win, you need to punch and kick your opponent constantly. Note that you will gain many points when hitting your rivals. Attempt to gain the highest possible score in each fight.

How to control

Press Enter to start playing the game.

Press an X key to choose or kick.

Press a D key to kick.

Press a Z or A key to punch.

Press the left-right arrow keys to move.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Exciting facts about Street Fighter Alpha 3

All game modes

Like Shell Shockers, this game also has many game modes. Specifically, you can choose between three game modes including Single Mode, VS Mode, and Training Mode.

  • Training Mode: In the training mode, you can invite your friend to train your fighting skills. You and your friends will take turns choosing your favorite character. Then, you will fight against your friends to practice your fighting skills.
  • Single Mode: This mode requires you to join a thrilling fight against the CPU. Before entering the fight, you need to choose between three levels which are Simple, Standard, and Variable. The power of the computer player will depend on the level you select.
  • VS Mode: In this mode, you can invite your friends to play with you by sending them the game link.

Character selection

The list of characters in this game has 31 characters. All of them are available, so you can choose any character. However, here is a suggestion about the most powerful characters in the game.

  • Vega: He is a Shadaloo assassin with Ninjutsu and nobility in his blood. His mission is to catch Cammy, but he cannot complete this mission. Finally, he saves her from a destructing Shadaloo base. His fighting style is so special. He is equipped with sharp claws which are used to slash his opponent to bits and pieces.
  • Karin: She is the daughter of Kanzuki Zaibatsu. She can move around the arena at a fast speed to avoid the attacks of the enemy and is very supple.
  • Akuma: This new version introduces the return of Akuma. His target is to defeat Mr Bison. His skill is Dohatsu Shoten.
  • Sodom: He wants to help Rolento search for strong fighters for Mad Gear. His skills are water performance and handling big trucks.