Sonic The Hedgehog

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Interesting things about Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is the first version of this Japanese series. Follows Sonic to travel to different lands and stop the evil plan of Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

This game was initially Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive. Featuring fast-paced gameplay and attractive graphics, it is the most-played game by players from all over the world. Now, Pizza Tower is considered to be an heir to this Japanese 2D platformer video game.

The stories about a blue hedgehog

On the South Island, many gems called Chaos Emeralds are hidden. It is said that six Chaos Emeralds can bring a superpower for scientific weapons. One day, Dr. Ivo Robotnik who is an evil scientist comes to this island. He comes up with a new plan to defeat Sonic who is his arch-enemy. He decides to build his fortress and finds Chaos Emeralds. After knowing the news about the evil plan of Dr. Robotnik, Sonic goes to the South Island to stop him.

The playing instruction

Sonic cannot fight against the subordinates of Dr. Robotnik alone, so you need to help him. Your mission is to guide this blue hedgehog to rush over different zones to reach the fortress of the scientist. Along the way, you will meet many dangers such as spike traps and bombs, and enemies such as Choppers, Ball Hog, Newtron, Caterkiller, Buzz Bomber, Batbrain, and so on. To defeat them, you need to roll toward them at a breakneck speed. Another way is to jump as high as possible to avoid them. Pay attention to item boxes scattered along the way. You can jump on them to destroy them. A random item will be dropped from this item box. It can be Invincible, One-Up, Power Sneakers, Shield, or Super Ring. These items will help you become stronger, get more rings, and run faster.

Another task in this game is to gather yellow rings. These rings are considered to be your amulet. When you crash into the opponents or traps, the rings will drop from you and you will not die. However, if this happens when you run out of rings, you will lose.

How to control

Press Z or ENTER keys to start

Press the RIGHT - LEFT ARROW KEY to move

Press DOWN ARROW KEY to sit down

Press a Z or X key to jump

More things you can do in Sonic The Hedgehog

Explore different zones

Like Wario Land 4, this game also features many zones. There are 7 zones that you can explore.

  • Green Hill Zone: This zone is near the bright lake on the South Island. You can see many flowers and green palm trees. Moreover, you will encounter a boss called Egg Wrecker in this zone.
  • Marble Zone: It is an underground complex on the South Island. When traversing this zone, you need to be careful with the lava pool and the boss Egg Scorcher.
  • Spring Yard Zone: This zone is actually a city with many pinballs. The boss Egg Stinger resides in this zone. Hit this boss eight times to take it down.
  • Labyrinth Zone: As its name suggests, this game is a yellow maze where Egg Mobile resides. You will meet this boss in Act 3.
  • Star Light Zone: This zone is a construction area in a city. Your rival in this zone is Egg Spiker.
  • Scrap Brain Zone
  • Final Zone: This zone is really small. You will fight against Egg Crusher when entering this zone.

Complete special stages

In addition, there are special stages in this game. These special stages are only unlocked when you can gather 50 rings at the end of the first or second Act of a Zone. In these special stages, you can get an opportunity to find one of six Chaos Emeralds. These precious gems will change their color when you touch them.