Slope 3

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Discover Slope 3

The third installment named Slope 3 was released with a new adventure and exciting features. Dodging the dangers and gaining the highest score are your goals.

The slope city is full of high buildings and neon lights. Let's jump on an endless racetrack in the center of the slope city and start your adventure in this beautiful city now. You will play as a ball that always rolls forward at a fast speed. During the racetrack, you will encounter various obstacles and go through many tunnels. You must take caution with them because crashing into them will stop your journey. Steer to the left, and right, and jump as high as possible to evade all hazards along the way. The distance you can go will be your score that decides your rank on the leaderboards. The higher score you can gain during the adventure, the higher ranks you can get on four leaderboards.

How to control


Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to control the ball.


Slide up, down, left, and right to control the ball.