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The battle in Slime.io

Welcome to the fight between cute slimes in Slime.io. Consume big gems or eat smaller slimes to grow stronger and try to be the last survivor.

If you are interested in multiplayer games like Make It Meme, I suggest you play this game. In this game, you and other players will enter a lime land in which you will transform into a cute slime. When you are a small slime, you must go around to collect colorful gems. These gems will help you grow stronger and bigger. Note that the bigger gem you can consume, the faster you can grow. When you grow stronger, you can start to attack smaller slime to boost your growing progress. However, you also need to take caution with bigger slimes. Stay away from them if you do not want to die soon. One tip to escape from your opponent is to increase your speed or divide yourself into mini slimes. Furthermore, you can easily realize that the safe zone in the arena will be reduced gradually. Staying out of the safe zone will make you become smaller and disappear. Therefore, just move into the safe zone.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to navigate the way of the slime.

Hold an S key to increase the speed.

Press the spacebar to divide yourself.

Customize your character and arena in Slime.io

You will claim a lot of experience points after winning a battle. These experience points will help you raise your level. Whenever your level increases, you will obtain many coins. Moreover, if you can complete daily missions, you also get many coins. The coins you earn can be used to purchase new slimes in the shop. The shop sells 24 slimes with different colors. Therefore, you can choose freely. Moreover, you can change the arena for free. There are a total of three arenas that you can select.