Shadow Fights

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Participate in Shadow Fights

Are you ready for Shadow Fights? Transform into a shadow fighter and fight against another player to score two points first to become the winner.

In this game, you will play as a shadow fighter who will battle with another fighter in the forest. The sun is going down and it's time for breathtaking fights between legendary fighters. You can choose to struggle with the CPU and another player. In the fight, you need to punch and kick until your rival runs out of blood. The last standing fighter will get one star. The first one who can gain to stars first will become the winner. Can you take down your rivals and earn two stars to become the winner? Play the game and let us see that you are the strongest fighter.

How to control


Press the WASD keys to move and jump.

Press an F key to punch,

Press a G key to kick.


Press the arrow keys to move and jump.

Press a K key to punch.

Press a L key to kick.