Relic Splatter

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The adventure in Relic Splatter

Get ready to explore a mysterious temple in Relic Splatter. Go around the temple to find three gems and cups to open the exit portal and battle with monsters.

When playing this game, you will become a little girl named Rebecca Ciler. You are a treasure hunter at Relic Splatter Inc and your work is to find artifacts from the past. Today, your destination is the mysterious temple of Tonatiuh. Tonatiuh is the Aztec God of the sun. It is said that this temple hides many valuable treasures. However, this temple also hides many dangers such as spike traps, rats, flying turtles, and monsters. You must be careful with them. You are equipped with two guns including a machine gun and a bazooka. You can use them to shoot down monsters in the temple and destroy walls. If you want to fly, you should point your gun at the land and shoot constantly. When your guns run out of ammo, you can jump into the rivers to recharge. Note that if you want to recharge your machine gun, jump into the pink river. If you want to recharge your bazooka, jump into your green river. Your target is to collect a yellow gem, a red gem, a cup, and a crown to unlock the exit portal. This game has 8 challenging levels. Do your best to complete all of them and conquer the temple.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press the arrow keys to move.

Press the Enter key to enter the door.