Red And Blue

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The description of Red And Blue

Invite your friends to play Red And Blue which is a two-player adventure game. Control your character to jump over obstacles and go further than your rival.

This is an adventure of a red and blue cube. You must play as the red cube or the blue cube and join the adventure now. You and your friend will compete to overcome dangers along the way. Note that the forward road will appear gradually. Take it slow and be quick to jump as soon as the obstacles appear. These obstacles can be traffic cones, spikes, trees, and so one. The adventure will end when both characters crash into the obstacles. The one who can go further and gain a higher score will become the victor. Keep in mind that your score will depend on the number of squares on the road that you go through.

How to control

Red Character: Press a W key to jump.

Blue Character: Press an up arrow key to jump.