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Addicting gameplay of Pokettohiro

Let's discover a haunted fortress in Pokettohiro now. You must fight against monsters in the fortress and collect scattered shards of the Magic Crystal.

You have just arrived at a haunted fortress. A black knight waits in the secret chamber. You must stop him before it is too late. You need to go around the fortress to find the black knight. Be careful with skeletons and snakes in the fortress. If they touch you, you will lose a heart. You have only 3 hearts. If you lose all hearts, the adventure is over. Therefore, you need to use your sword to kill all skeletons and snakes. During the adventure, you need to collect as many shards of the Magic Crystal as possible. They can be used to make you stronger and defeat the black knight. You must be careful because the black knight has an unexpected ally.

This game was developed by GB Studio. Like Sonic The Hedgehog, this game also features a retro art style and catchy music. Play it now and have fun.

How to control

Press a Z or J key to start the game or jump.

Press the left-right arrow keys or A-D keys to move.

Press an X or K key to attack.

Press an up arrow key to enter the door.