Paco Paco

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The principles of Paco Paco

Explore mysterious mazes in Paco Paco now. Go around the mazes to collect as many golden gems as possible and take caution with ghosts in the mazes.

This game is inspired by Pac-man games. Therefore, its gameplay may be fairly familiar to you. In this game, you will transform into an alien creature named Paco. You will discover many mysterious mazes hiding many valuable gems. Let's go around the mazes to gather all the gems. Note that each gem is worth 10 points. Therefore, you must collect as many golden gems as possible to gain the highest possible score. The mazes in this game are guarded by ghosts. These ghosts can kill you, so you need to watch out for them. You had better stay away from the ghosts. As soon as the exit portal opens, you must enter it to move to the next maze. Keep in mind that the next maze will have more ghosts than the previous one. Therefore, be careful! You have only 10 lives. If you run out of life, you will lose.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to move.

Creator and release date

This game was developed by Catom Games. It was released in May 2023 and is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Play it now and let's see how many mazes you can explore.