My Dolphin Show 8

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What is My Dolphin Show 8?

My Dolphin Show 8 is the eighth installment of the My Dolphin Show series. Guide the dolphin to dive and jump to perform tricks to attract more audience.

The water park is famous for its exciting dolphin show. As a dolphin trainer in the water park, you must help this dolphin show to attract audiences. In the show, you need to guide the dolphin to swim, jump, dive, or swim left or right to perform impressive tricks. Let's hit the balls and bowling pins and break the ice to earn many coins and attract more audiences. The more people you can attract, the more money you can earn. Note that the number of audience will decrease if the dolphin fails to do tricks many times. Besides, you also need to feed the dolphin with small fish.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to swim left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press a down arrow key to dive.

Levels and skins in My Dolphin Show 8

This game offers 18 challenging levels. A new obstacle will be unlocked when you move to a higher level. You must try to complete all levels and earn three stars at each level. Accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to buy new outfits. You can buy up to 18 characters including cute dolphins, penguins, white bears, seals, sharks, snowmen, and mermaids.