Muscle Man Rush

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Muscle Man Rush is an exciting running game in which you must train a muscular man. Collect boxing gloves and gems and defeat all opponents along the way.

Huggy Wuggy is waiting for you in the boxing ring. So, run as fast as possible to reach the boxing ring to join the battle with Huggy Wuggy now. While running to the boxing ring, you must collect the boxing gloves to raise your level and become more powerful. The more boxing gloves you can collect, the more muscular you are. Note that the golden glove will boost your power dramatically. In addition, you also need to collect the superhero badges along the way because they will help to transform you into a superhero. When becoming a superhero, you are able to fly toward the boxing ring. Furthermore, the gems are collectible items. Therefore, you should try to collect as many gems as you can.

Along the way, you will encounter many dangers such as the high walls or spike traps. However, if you are strong, do not hesitate to hit and destroy them. Moreover, you will meet many boxers. If you are stronger than them, you can fight against them. If you are weaker than them, you should move to the left or right to dodge them. Do your best to reach the highest level and become the strongest boxer to defeat Huggy Wuggy.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the character to move left or right.

The shop in Muscle Man Rush

The shop in this game sells five hats. They are a Pikachu hat, a cap, a cowboy hat, and a sombrero. You can use 500 gems to buy a hat. Accumulate as many gems as possible to buy your favorite hat in this shop.