Merge Melons

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The gameplay of Merge Melons

Join Merge Melons which is a relaxing arcade game now. You must combine two identical fruits to create a new type of fruit and earn many points.

Actually, the gameplay of this game is super simple but addictive. In this game, you need to merge two identical fruits by dropping them in the same place. When two identical fruits hit each other, a new type of fruit will be created. For example, if you merge two lemons, an orange will be created. You will gain many points after combining two fruits. The bigger fruits you can combine, the more points you can get. You must try to gain the highest possible score. Besides, if the fruits reach the finish line, the game is over.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to drop the fruits.

Power-ups in Merge Melons

When you get stuck, you should use three power-ups at the bottom of the screen.

  • A knife: This power-up can be used to destroy any fruit on the playing field.
  • A weight: You can use this power-up to eliminate any fruit on the playing field.
  • A rainbow fruit: This fruit can be combined with any fruit.