Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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About Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Transform into Marvel heroes in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance now. Battle with Doctor Doom and his Masters of Evil to break their evil plan and protect the world.

This game was made by Raven Software Barking Lizards Technologies. Released in 2006, this game is playable on all platforms including PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and even the web browser.

The plot of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

The Marvel hero team is sent to the Shi'ar Empire. In this country, they need to help Lilandra Neramani regain her throne. The team will be rewarded with a portion of the M'Kraan Crystal if they are successful. Then, they use them to steal the Muonic Inducer. However, at this time, Doctor Doom conquers the world and creates clone heroes. Therefore, real heroes have to defeat these clone heroes, and Doctor Doom to protect the peace of the world.

Your mission

In this game, you will become a Spiderman who is able to launch spider webs and so on. You can click the A key to change the hero. You can change to Wolverine or Kronos. Note that each hero has a distinct power. Therefore, you must utilize the power to defeat all enemies you meet along the way. This game has 5 acts. In each Act, you will confront different bosses. For example, in Act 1, you need to fight against Krang, Attuma, Tiger Shark, Kraken, Dragon Man, Ultimo, Grey Gargoyle, Mandarin, and so on. Meanwhile, in Act 2, your opponents are Rhino, Shocker, Arcade Bot, Blackheart, and Mephisto. Let's take down all bosses and protect the world now.

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How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Press an X key to jump or choose.

Press a Z key to attack.

Press an A key to transform.

Press the Enter key to choose.