Make It Meme

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Playable game modes in Make It Meme

Make It Meme is a funny multiplayer game featuring many game modes. Make the funniest meme and join the voting competition with the other 6 players.

In this game, you can select between three game modes. They are Normal, Same Meme, and Relaxed. Each game mode has a distinct gameplay.

  • Normal: This is the first game mode in this game. In this game mode, you must enter a capture for a random meme. Let's write the funniest caption to impress other players. Note that you have only 1 minute 40 seconds to write your caption, so be quick. When you finish, you can click on the Submit button. Next, the voting competition will start. You will vote for memes of other players. If you like this meme, click the up button. If you dislike it, click the down button. Note that you are not allowed to vote for your meme. Moreover, you have only 17 seconds to vote for a meme. Therefore, you must be quick. When all memes are voted on, the leaderboard will be presented. The one whose meme is most liked will gain many points and get the first rank on the leaderboard. This voting competition has three rounds, so try to win at least 2 rounds to become the ultimate victor.
  • Same Meme: The gameplay of this game mode is similar to the Normal mode. However, all memes of all players are the same.
  • Relaxed: In this game mode, you are allowed to change your meme. Moreover, you and other players do not need to vote for memes. Instead, you just need to enjoy memes of other players and download them if you want.

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How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Invite your friends to play Make It Meme

This is a multiplayer game, so you can play this game with your friends or other players from all over the world. At the start of the game, you can choose to join the lobby or create your own lobby.

  • Join the lobby: Let's click on the Public Lobbies button to open the list of available lobbies. You can join any lobby and chat with other players in this lobby thanks to the chat box at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Create your private lobby: If you want to play this game with your friends, you can create your private lobby. When creating your own lobby, you are allowed to choose the game mode, the number of players, the caption time, and the number of rounds. Keep in mind that a lobby can have a maximum of 30 players and a voting competition can have a maximum of 10 rounds. Moreover, you can choose between 10 meme packs including Best Memes, GIFT Memes, All Memes, Trending Memes, Memes Brasileiros, Spongebob Memes, Gaming Memes, Dark Memes, Anime Memes, and Child-Friendly Memes. Finally, you need to copy the invitation link and send it to your friends to invite them to join your lobby.