Ludo Kart

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The gameplay of Ludo Kart

Play Ludo Kart with your friends to have fun. Roll the dice and take control of your four karts to reach the finish first to become the winner.

Are you ready for a kart race between four racers who are Speedy, Swifty, Zippy, and Drifty? This is a special race because the rule of the race is different from other ones. Specifically, you and the other players must take turns rolling the die to select one of your karts to move forward. Note that you must roll a 6 to move one of your karts onto the track. Rolling a 6 also gives you an extra roll. The number you get after rolling the dice will be the number of tiles your karts will go through. If you land on the same tile as your enemy, you can bump their karts back to their garage. At a start of a turn, you can use a Power Card which can be earned when a Kart passes or lands on the Strike tile. The first player to get all karts to the finish wins the game.

All game modes in Ludo Kart

This game has 4 game modes including 1-Player, 2-Player, 3-Player, and 4-Player modes. You can invite up to 3 friends to play the game with you. If you choose the 1-Player mode, your opponents will be CPUs. If you select one of the other game modes, your rivals will be other players. You can choose one of these game modes freely because they are free.