Kitten Force

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Join thrilling battles in Kitten Force

Exciting air warfares in Kitten Force are taking place. Participate in them now and try to take down aggressive bosses to earn a lot of coins.

The world is invaded by monsters. A cute cat hero wants to save the world now. Go with the cat and assist him in defeating the bosses. You must guide the cat to fly to the left or right to avoid blocks. These blocks are numbered. Whenever they get hit, the number of them will reduce. When this number reaches zero, these blocks will be eliminated. At the end of each fight, you need to fight against a strong boss. Predict the attacks of the bosses and then evade them. Besides, shoot constantly at them to kill them. You will claim a lot of coins after each fight. These coins can be used to upgrade the weapons of your character or buy new characters such as Gato Loco and Bella.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control a cute cat to fly and shoot.

Explore different worlds in Kitten Force

In this game, you will get an opportunity to discover 6 worlds. In each world, you need to knock out a distinct boss. This is similar to Sonic The Hedgehog. Note that you have to return to World 0 if you lose in any world.

  • World 0: It is easy for you to conquer this world as you just encounter blocks in this world. There is no boss in this world.
  • Word 1: In this world, your rival is a pig that fires bullets at you. You must take caution when its body becomes red. It can suddenly approach you to assassinate you.
  • World 2: The battle will be more challenging in this world. You will meet bunnies and a giant spider in this world. The spider will release poisoned bullets to kill you. Be careful!
  • World 3: The boss in this world is a giant chicken laying many eggs to attack you.
  • World 4: In this world, your enemy is a giant green frog. This boss will release quarters of bullets to murder you.
  • World 5: If you often meet small rabbits in the previous world, you can meet a giant rabbit in this world. It will drop carrots at you, so you must fly left or right to evade them.