Jingle Jetpack

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Engaging gameplay of Jingle Jetpack

Play Jingle Jetpack to join a hunt for treasure with a treasure hunter on Christmas. Evade all dangers along the way and collect as many stars as possible.

The holiday edition of Jetpack Joyride is this game. In this updated edition, Christmas is when the treasure hunter embarks on his new journey. To discover stars at this time, he must run on an unending path. But there are several dangers on his path that might harm him at any point. As a result, you must direct him to fly upward or below to avoid threats like lasers and missiles. To get the best score, try to gather as many stars as you can and sprint as far as you can. You can utilize your stars.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to fly.

Release the left mouse button to land.

All power-ups in Jingle Jetpack

Power-ups that you may gather along the trip will be very helpful to you. The list of available power-ups is shown below.

  • A jingle bell: If you can get one, you'll have the chance to pilot an aircraft as far as you can.
  • A magnet: Gather the magnet to draw all the stars in your path.
  • Christmas trees: You can resurrect if you can gather three Christmas trees.
  • Hearts: To increase your chances of being revived, try to gather as many hearts as you can.
  • A shield: Try to grab the shield it will defend you from the harm caused by the obstacles.