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The introduction of Jacksmith

Welcome to Jacksmith which is an interesting crafting game. Help soldiers craft powerful weapons to defeat monsters and save the princess from monsters.

This game was developed by Flipline Studios which also made Papa's Cheeseria. In this game, you will get an opportunity to meet Jacksmith who is a very talented blacksmith. Scout is his furry apprentice. Jacksmith enjoys his job, but horseshoes and hinges are not paying the bills. Across the lowlands loved the royal Plumpfeather family. King Plumpfeather and his wife Hildread have ruled over the lands for many years. Beyond Alpine Ridge lived a lonely wizard named Dudley. He is obsessed with the king's beautiful daughter Liliana. Using his powerful Phoenix Staff and a barrage of elemental spells, Dudley kidnaps Lianana and amasses an army of vile creatures. The king set a reward for any brave soul who could save his daughter. Jacksmith desperately needed the money and hit the road to start his adventures.

Engaging gameplay of Jacksmith

Because you will transform into a blacksmith, your mission is to craft weapons for warriors. Follow the instructions to craft some weapons such as swords, bows, axes, shields, maces, and so on. Try to craft them well to get a high score and good feedback from warriors. The better weapons. Many gems and valuable materials will drop from the enemies, Therefore, you must try to collect as many gems as possible.

In addition, you can visit the shop named Gandex. In this shop, you can buy many upgrades which will assist you a lot as the game progresses. Come on! Play this game now and try to become the best blacksmith in the kingdom. Besides, do not forget to take a look at Monkey Mart which is an exciting game on our website.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.