Iron Snout

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The gameplay of Iron Snout

Get ready for the fight between the piglet ninja and wolves in Iron Snout. Perform punches or kicks to fend off the wolves in the forest and unlock new skins.

Choose your game mode

In this game, you will play as a piglet ninja who has to battle with the evil wolves to protect other animals in the forest. At the start of the game, you need to choose your favorite game mode to play. Like Make It Meme, this game also features many game modes with different playing rules.

  • Classic: The first mode in this game is the Classic mode in which your opponents are an unlimited number of wolves. You must jump, run, punch, and kick to defeat as many wolves as possible. Note that you must try to make hit combos to get stars.
  • 1HP: The second mode in this game is 1HP mode which requires you to fight against the wolves in the forest. However, in this game mode, you should be careful with the attacks of the wolves because you are super vulnerable.
  • 100 Wolves: The third mode in this game is 100 wolves in which you must participate in the battle with 100 wolves. You will become the victor when all wolves are eliminated.
  • 1v1 Ball: The final mode in this game is 1v1 Ball mode in which you have to join the volleyball match. In this match, you are allowed to punch or kick the ball to pass it to your opponent's side. If your rival cannot pass it back, you will get one point. Of course, this mode can be played by two players, so you can invite your friends to play this game mode.

Unlock new skins

Another mission in this game is to unlock 13 piglet ninja skins. There are many ways to unlock these skins. Specifically, these skins can be unlocked after you assassinate a certain number of wolves. Or you can use the stars you earn to purchase these skins. Moreover, some skins are just unlocked if you can make hit combos while fighting against the wolves. During the fight, some items will be dropped from the wolves. You can try to catch them to unlock new piglet skins.

How to control


Use Arrow Keys to punch and hit.

Use an Up Arrow Key to jump.


Use the A-D keys to punch and hit.

Use a W key to jump.