Idle Noob Lumberjack

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The playing guideline of Idle Noob Lumberjack

Transform into a lumberjack living on an isolated island in Idle Noob Lumberjack. Collect wood and mine stones to build houses and expand the island.

In this game, you will play as Noob, who is a lumberjack. You live on an isolated island. There is nothing on this island, except for trees and stones. Therefore, you need to cut trees to collect wood and mine stones. Next, you need to use these wood and stones to build different buildings such as a house, minions' houses, a clothing store, a sawmill, a market, and so on. After you build the minion's houses, the minions from these houses will assist you in cutting trees and mining stones. Besides, you can go to the market to sell wood and stones to earn as many coins as possible. In the sawmill, you can produce lumbers. In the clothing store, you can buy many impressive skins. Moreover, do not forget to build a boat and use it to travel to other islands. Let's explore other isolated islands and develop them.

How to control: Press the WASD keys to run around.

Creator and Release Date

This game was developed by Efim Maksimov. It was launched in September 2022 and was updated with more features on Feb 07, 2023. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices