Helix Jump

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The playing instruction of Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a famous arcade game featuring addictive gameplay. Rotate the tower to help the ball drop through the cracks of the platforms and earn points.

The mechanics of this game are super simple. You can see a tower with many floors. Your mission is to rotate this tower to help the ball fall throw the cracks of the platforms to go down the lowest floor of the tower. You will gain 20 points after the ball reaches a lower floor. Do your best to dive as deep as possible to gain the highest possible score. To gain the highest score, you are required to have a quick reflex and fingers. The reason is that there are many red zones on the floors of the tower. These red zones are considered to be dangerous zones. If the ball touches them, it will stop bouncing and the game is over. Therefore, you must take caution with the red zones in the tower.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to rotate the tower,

Some effective tactics for Helix Jump

Besides quick reflexes and fingers, you also need to have your own strategies if you want to get the highest score. Here are some useful tips that I want to suggest to you.

  • Be patient. Do not try to rotate the tower constantly. Instead, you must wait for the ball to bounce and then rotate the tower.
  • Utilize the speed power-ups. You can see some green arrow symbols. You need to collect them at all costs to increase the speed and bouncing power of your ball.
  • Destroy many platforms at the same time to gain extra points.