Goose Game

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What is Goose Game?

Goose Game is a multiplayer puzzle game with engaging gameplay. Throw two dice and guide your goose to reach the final square to become the winner.

At the start of the game, you need to choose to play with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 players. Invite your friends to play this game with you. Then, you must choose your favorite goose. Click the Start button to play the game. In the game, you and your rivals will take turns throwing two dice. The number you can get will be the number of squares your goose will jump over. You must guide your goose to jump over 62 squares to reach the final square first if you want to become a victor. Note that there are some special squares that you need to watch out for. If your goose jumps on the house square, it has to stay here for three turns. If your goose jumps on a well square or a prison square, it needs to stay here until another player rescues you. Of course, no one will rescue you. Therefore, you will certainly lose if you jump on these squares. If your goose reaches the maze square, it will go back to square 39. If your goose stops in a skull square, it will go back to square 1.

Some tips to win Goose Game

  • Attempt to roll a 9 at the first turn to win the game automatically.
  • Try to jump on goose squares and bridge squares to double your score.
  • Avoid well squares, skull squares, prison squares, and house squares at all costs.