Gold Miner

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What is Gold Miner?

Gold Miner is a simple digging game in which you need to pick up as many golds as possible. These golds are hidden underground, so use the claw to grab them.

The gameplay

This game is a classic game developed a few years ago, which is similar to Bad Ice Cream. It is super famous and played by millions of players all over the world. However, one surprising thing that you cannot imagine is that this game has simple gameplay. Specifically, in this game, you will transform into a gold miner whose mission is to dig as much gold as possible. You will be offered a claw machine. The claw will swing from left to right and vice versa. You need to click the left mouse button in time to drop this claw and grab the biggest gold under the ground. Note that the bigger the gold nugget is, the more valuable it is. Try to earn the target number of money to move to the next level.

All items and their values

Besides gold, there are many items under the ground. They have different values.

  • Rocks: The price of a rock is so cheap, so you had better avoid picking it up.
  • Mystery bags: You will not know what is in these mystery bags. It can be bones, rocks, gold, diamonds, or TNT. Therefore, think carefully before grabbing mystery bags.
  • Bones: Like rocks, bones cost a little money.
  • Moles: The mole also costs a little money. However, if it is carrying a diamond, it is a real bargain for you.
  • Diamond: The worthiest item in this game is the diamond because it costs a very large amount of money.
  • TNT Barrels: They can explode as soon as the claw touches them.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to drop the claw to grab gold.

Pro tactics to grab many golds in Gold Miner

I know the game will become more challenging when you move to the next level. Therefore, I want to suggest some effective strategies.

  • Visit the shop and purchase items such as bombs, a strength drink, and a lucky clover. They will help to increase your speed or the chances of getting something good.
  • Start with big gold nuggets at the start of the game.
  • When the time is about to run out, you should grab small gold nuggets.
  • Just use TNT when necessary.