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The playing instruction of Gobble

Gobble is an interesting arcade game featuring 60 challenging levels. Become a big hole and consume everything in the desert except for people.

When playing this game, you will become a giant hole. You are really hungry, so go around the desert and consume everything such as stones, cactuses, and boxes. However, note that you are allergic to people. Therefore, you should not consume people and stay away from them. If you consume any people, you will lose the game. You will win if everything in the desert is consumed except for people.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the hole.

All levels in Gobble

This game has up to 60 levels with different names such as Free Lunch, Nobody, Big Meal, Carry On. Yank, Castle Wall, Preacher, Tallest Tower, In Order, Cube, Open Wide, and so on. Each level has a distinct feature. For instance, on some levels, people will actively chase the hole and fall into it. In the other levels, the hole is super small, so you must consume objects to increase its size. Therefore, you must apply different strategies to different levels. Try to complete all levels to gain many gems and crowns. Besides, do not forget to take a look at Mad Cars: Racing And Crash, Princess Claw Machine, and Zombie Mission 13 on our website.